~ Main objective: wipe out humans ~
~ Gameplay hint: you can combo two cards ~
(not working as we want yet, but soon)
now we need to rest :~~


In the opinion of all 734 planet-to-planet news agencies
currently at work in the Milky Way, humans have been repeatedly placed
at the bottom of the 'coolest things that ever happened to our galaxy' list.
Due to the fact that they only infested one planet and not one that mattered much,
there haven't been any interventions from the United Planets Organization.
PROBLEM IS those dum-dums have finally wore earth out and they are
out to get everyone else. BEWARE! It's every astronomic body for itself!


Sprite set:


To be implemented:

- Intro cutscene
- Combo system
- Humans science development
- More planets
- New ways to kill
- More sprites
- End cutscene

Carol  (caroldurandet.com)
Marcos (oddlyfunction.com)
Esper  (anzolcraft.com)

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